Email Marketing Tips for Bloggers

So — you’re a blogger. You might use a hosted solution like tumblr or blogger, or maybe you even have a self-hosted WordPress solution. You’ve probably mastered the art of coming up with blog post topics, weekly themes, etc… but something you might not have thought about is email marketing.

When we hear the phrase “email marketing”, many of us associate that with spam, annoying daily emails promoting and pushing products that we’re not interested in — but that isn’t what I’m talking about here. Those types of emails are just a part of a poorly-designed email strategy. Email marketing for blogs isn’t as common as for brands promoting products, but when it’s done right, can be a very effective way to bring more visitors to your blog.

One thing to note before you start developing an email marketing strategy: email is different than social media. Emails are more personal, more focused & targeted, and should be sent to recipients who are already familiar with the brand (and expect and want timely updates from you). Email marketing should be used to keep your current visitors engaged and wanting more.

Take a look below at some ways you can use email marketing to keep your followers engaged.

Digest of your top posts

One way to ensure repeat visits to your blog is to post frequently, and post focused, targeted information. For your top followers, you could send a monthly digest of the 3 posts that received the most attention that month. Maybe they missed something, or maybe they saw the post before the conversation took off. Either way, sending an update that includes your top posts shows your subscribers that your blog is receiving attention and engaging other users — which will in turn, convince more of your email subscribers to become active commenters or followers.

Promote events, giveaways, or other blogs

With emails, you can notify your subscribers of events going on around you — maybe there’s a writing workshop at the local library, etc…, you can create special giveaways for your email subscribers, or even promote your fellow bloggers! Many people think that pointing readers to other blogs means they’ll leave your site and never come back. But this isn’t the case! Pointing your readers to other will keep them looking forward to your suggestions about posts on other blogs, and you’ll keep them engaged.

Visual appeal

Using creative images and bold colors will help you communicate what’s important in your email to your subscribers. Canva is a free, online tool that will help you create some pretty awesome graphics! Also, make sure you’re using an email platform (like MailChimp) that has great mobile-friendly options and templates. More and more people open emails on their smartphone before they open emails on their computer — if your email doesn’t look nice on their smartphone, you can forget about them reading your content!

Create a schedule

If you’re and experienced blogger, or if you read our post highlighting tips for the new blogger (coming soon!), you know that to establish a successful blog you need to have a schedule. The same thing goes for email marketing… you should make your subscribers aware of how often you’ll be sending emails, and stick to that schedule. Maybe you want to send a weekly digest email that highlights the top posts, or maybe you want to send a monthly giveaway email with a freebie for your top subscribers! Whatever you choose, make sure you’re on a schedule and stick with it. Consistency is key!

Track everything

Most email marketing platforms have built-in analytic tools to measure how many times your email is opened, which links are clicked on, and tons of other information that can help you learn more about your subscribers. It’s important to go through this information frequently… don’t just forget it’s there! You can see trends over time that will reveal important things like which days or times of the week your subscribers are more likely to open your emails, and what type of content they like to read (blog suggestions, videos, tips & tricks, giveaways, etc…). Tracking this data is necessary and vital to improving your brand’s email strategy.

I hope you’ve learned something new after reading this post, or something that might have sparked an interest in using email marketing to help keep your followers engaged with your brand. If you’re interested in learning more about email marketing or need help developing a strategy for your brand — let me know! I’m ready and excited to help your brand get started.

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